June 20-28, 2020 - Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PAJune 20-28, 2020
Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA

Ragnarok XXXV Pre-Registration

Ragnarok XXXV Postponed to June 2021

The Dagorhir Ragnarok, LLC Board of Directors has unanimously voted in favor of the postponement of Ragnarok XXXV to June of next year.

Our primary concern for the event is the safety and well-being of every person who attends this event every year, and with the spread of COVID-19 and the path it has taken thus far through the nation, it has become clear that we cannot hold the event this year without unnecessarily endangering our community.

While we had explored a number of options other than postponement to next year, in the end each option came with its own set of problems and lack of guarantees, and none of them proved viable in the end. This has left us with no other choice. Ragnarok XXXV will be held June 19-27, 2021.

To everyone who was looking forward to the event this year, to our many wonderful Merchants who are already hurting before this additional loss, and to anyone disappointed by this decision: you have my sincere apologies.I understand and sympathize with everyone negatively affected by this decision, but in the end this is the only call that can be made in this situation.

To those who feel that this process was slow, my apologies that you feel that way.However, the process involved a number of actions which proved time-consuming for a group of volunteers also dealing with the pandemic’s effects on their own lives and for a business facing cancellations across all the events held on their property.

  • Gathering information to ensure the financial stability of the event so that it can be held next year(insurance, cancellation costs, etc)
  • Convening and gathering votes and comments from a Board of Directors which is spread across the country and with differing schedules
  • Ensuring that we were not in any contractual violations with Cooper’s Lake Campground or other vendors
  • Ensuring that we performed our due diligence in exploring other options that might prove to be safe
  • Ensuring that the Ragnarok Staff would be able to continue their duties into the next year
  • Determining the policies on how the postponement should be handled in a rather unique turn of events, with an Operating Agreement and Bylaws that do not anticipate a cancellation or postponement

These actions were done as quickly as they could be, and I have tried to keep everyone informed of our progress.

Prior Pre-Registrations

Ragnarok will begin issuing refunds to everyone who has pre-registered for the event thus far. We recognize that in this time of financial uncertainty, these funds may be invaluable to some of you, and have decided to refund it all instead of requiring people to contact us individually if they need a refund.

Pre-Registration will be shut down to prevent anyone unaware of the postponement from registering, and will re-open later in the summer (probably during the original dates of Ragnarok, because that seems like a fitting time).

RWC, Rules Changes, and Annual Responsibilities

We are treating the event as though it never happened this year, and has always been scheduled for next year. The event number is not increasing, and RWC next year will be treated as though it was this year (meaning that rules proposals may be submitted in 2021). The staff from this year will carry over and run the event in 2021. The election of the Accountant to the Business Council will occur in 2021.

Ragnarok's Financial State

At this time, Ragnarok remains on pretty solid financial footing. After calculating our costs for our annual insurance, how much we need in order to pay pre-event costs for the future year, and some leeway in case the pandemic affects next year as well, we are going to use the remainder that we can afford to provide a down payment to Cooper’s Lake Campground for the 2021 event to help them weather this difficult time.Cooper’s Lake Campground provides a welcoming home for us every year, so we feel that the least we can do is to help out as much as we can to ensure we have that home in the future.

This does mean that our finances will be a little tighter next year, so please remember to pre-register.This allows us to adjust our spending based on our expected attendance, and helps us keep the event’s finances stable for future years. Since we’ll have a little less wiggle room in 2021, it’ll be even more important, so please spread the word.

A Final Word to the Community

We are certainly disappointed that Ragnarok will not happen this summer, and are saddened to see countless other events for the community be cancelled around the country. We hope that the community will remember the joy that we all find in playing this game and being a part of this massive family. Please be safe out there, and I hope everyone makes it through this pandemic without too much pain. Support each other through it, and our community will be even stronger once this is all over.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Ragnarok XXXV in 2021, and the Ragnarok Staff is already planning ways in which we can make 2021 an even better event to make up for the loss of 2020. As a side plug, if you can afford to, please support Merchants so that they can weather this loss in sales and come back next year as well.


Event Coordinator, Ragnarok XXXV